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Testimonials- What they say about us!

The web site worked extremely well for us here in Pago Pago, American Samoa (2,500 southwest of HI).
... I was trying to place a help wanted ad on-line in the Honolulu newspaper. By the time the newspaper got back to me with a quote of $800 for a teeny tiny ad, I had 8 applicants from your site about 8 hours. In total, we had 28 inquiries and we hired 3 chefs, one from Providence, RI, one from Vancouver, BC, and one from Portugal!
Thank you for this wonderful service and keep up the great work!

Pamela Iose

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In all, approximately 30 people responded to my ad, almost half of which responded within the first week the ad was posted... the quality of those candidates were very well suited for my client's needs. Using the site has also helped me tap into international candidates, with whom I would otherwise not be making contact.
... I will continue to enthusiastically utilize the service as the first go-to when starting any chef search.

Stacie L. Wilk
Recruiter/TK Search, Inc.
Specializing in Hospitality Industry Placement
Chicago, IL

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Whenever I have posted a position for a Chef or Food Service Manager, I have received a great number of positive responses, in a very timely manner. If I post an ad on a Friday, I would have a number of emails and faxes waiting for me first thing Monday morning.

Ryann Haines
Guckenheimer Enterprises
Corporate Recruiter

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...The response from my "Help Wanted Ads" was virtually immediate. On several occasions, multiple resumes were forwarded within hours of posting.

David Rose, Recruiting Director
Compass Group

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I have been very impressed with the quantity and quality of resumes received in response to Help Wanted ads which I have placed over the past few months.
From Chefs with specialties, I have received nothing but excellent responses.
As an executive recruiter to the hospitality trade, I would recommend your site as a First Class place to look for great candidates, searching for high level, corporate executive and R&D chefs to sous chefs.

Don FitzGerald

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We are a full service restaurant in Central PA and our local job pool is small. We advertised for an Exec. Chef in the New York Times, Wash. Post, Balti. Sun and many other places. We got the best results from your site. The responses started coming the same day from some very qualified applicants. We would highly recommend your site for other employers. Sincerely,

Geoff and Debi Keith
Boiling Springs Tavern
Boiling Springs, PA

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My last ad was a simple one looking for a qualified Kitchen Manager in Phoenix AZ. The response was terrific and within a matter of hours. You obviously have a loyal following of food service professionals.

Tracy Brown
VP Synnetry
Dayton, OH

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Within 24 hours had received 10 replies, one of which was from an American, Leith's trained cook, who was actually in France but wanting to return to the States, I in turn put her in contact with the recruiting manager who happened to be in the same resort as her (fate, or what!) and she met up with him that afternoon, and shortly thereafter was on her way to fill the position.
I have subsequently had many more applications for this particular position, and have replied to all of the applicants, who were of a very high standard, and will hopefully be contacting them when we start recruiting for the next ski season.
Many thanks for your excellent service!

Aviva Green
SnoJobs Recruiting

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