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Effective April 19, 2004

Ads for positions that fit the Job Categories listed are now free.

Restrictions apply

  • Employers may have no more that 3 ads active on our site at any one time. (Large prestige properties may request additional postings, strictly at our discretion)
  • Ads must be placed manually; no robot or "form post" postings are accepted at this time.
  • Ads from corporate food service companies are permitted, but must be placed by individual unit managers, unless specific permission is received.
  • Recruiting firms that are posting ads for clients, using the clients address, must inform the client that posting an ad with any affiliate is a free service and that the client will be receiving marketing materials from us our sponsors and advertisers.
  • Postings from other employment sites are prohibited, without specific prior permission.
  • We reserve the right to delete any ad, at any time, for any reason.
  • Companies and individuals that have place ads with and Escoffier On Line and affiliated sites previously, and have not paid for those ads, are not permitted to post free ads until the previous balances and late fees are paid.

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Special Notice

The and all of the Escoffier On Line family of websites are supported by advertising. By registering and or placing an ad with us you allow us or our affiliates or sponsors to contact you at any addresses, telephone number, e-mail address you have made available to us. You also grant us permission to share your contact information with any of our affiliates and or sponsors. You also agree to receive our newsletter and any other periodic messages we might send you. If at any time the e-mail address listed by you is cancelled or an e-mail sent to you is deemed undeliverable - or is blocked by you - you agree that we can deleted your account and any ads and replies you might have received.

We wish to assure you that we do respect your privacy and we will reserve the use of your contact information to products and services that we deem appropriate to foodservice and recruiting personnel.
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Upgrade Your Ad-

If you wish to increase the exposure of your ad we offer an upgrade to a Featured Ad and Featured Employer for $99.00. Employers that have placed paid with us previously, and paid for them, can be upgraded to a Featured Employer for FREE. Use the Employer Support link to contact us.
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Job Seekers

All services to Job Seekers are Free.
Job Seekers can:
  • Enter their contact information
  • Post their resume and edit it as necessary
  • Respond to Employer Ads
  • Sign up for a Job Seeker Auto Notify Service
At no charge.
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Applicable Law-

Users of this service agree that the Applicable Law shall be the laws of the State of New York, USA and that any litigation will be conducted in the Courts in Nassau County, New York, USA

The terms and conditions are subject to change without notice
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Contact Us-

Support is provided by E-Mail or by using the Employer Support and Jobseeker Support links on our sites.

Mailing address-
Escoffier On Line
PO Box 174
Point Lookout, NY 11569
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